Watch Gambling Movies, Why Not?

Are you tired of watching dramas or horror flicks weekend after weekend? Why not try something different, something which is very exciting yet still informative? Why not try watching gambling movies?

Gambling movies can be very exciting because, as we all well know, gambling in itself is full of excitement. The risks involved in gambling games are just too high, so naturally, it makes a good exciting story for the movies.

One of the most notable gambling movies is a 1995 classic entitled Casino. Although the movie is very much recent, it is already considered a classic among movie and gambling fans alike. It stars the legendary Robert De Niro, and it tells about gambling mobs and gambling houses. The cast also includes Sharon Stone.

Another gambling movie which is worth to note is Ocean's Eleven. The cast is a powerhouse, led by George Clooney as Ocean. This is one of the most exciting gambling movies of all time. It involves a lot of scheming, planning, and twists. However, this movie does not really focus on gambling alone. Actually, it focuses on the security of a gambling house as Ocean's crew tries to crack it. The elaborate portrayal of gambling house security just shows the people how tight the gambling operators are guarding their money. It is a living testimony of why the casino belongs to the toughest places to rob.

If you are more interested with the side effects of gambling, then try watching The Gambler. It tells of a college professor who suffers from problem gambling. Most people find this movie realistic because the problem gambler is a professional like others. He is not a bum, he has a life, but still he gets affected with the gambling addiction. It just tells that anybody can suffer from it, that there is no exemption to the rule, so you better be careful. If you think you are responsible enough, study yourself more, you may not be as disciplined as you think you are. Therefore, you shouldn't jump at gambling that quickly if you are not that sure. Remember that even a college professor can get afflicted with problem gambling.

Indeed, these gambling movies listed above are not only entertaining but also very informative. When you watch them, you will learn about the crimes involved in gambling, the casinos, and gambling addiction. And the best part of it all, you will learn them by being entertained. A word of advice though, do not readily accept everything you see, analyze them first.

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